Homeschool Course Descriptions

Algebra Lab

Materials Fee $40.00
Basic algebraic concepts such as factoring polynomials, graphing of equalities/inequalities, and rational expressions are expanded upon. Concepts build a foundation for the introduction to more complex areas such as probability, statistics, and translational graphing. An increased understanding of algebraic concepts will result in thorough preparation for further study in mathematics.

Geometry Lab

Materials Fee $40.00
Basic concepts of angles and degrees, subsets, area, volume, and symmetry as well as more complex proofs and theorems are reviewed step-by-step. Brief introductions and photographs provide an element of real-world practicality while biblically based material is used to shed light on the purpose of geometry.

Consumer Math/Bus Statistics Lab

Materials Fee $40.00
The material covered will include life skills such as buying a car, budgeting, banking, tax records, purchasing food and clothing, and more!


Materials Fee $45.00
This lab includes grammar, composition, literature, poetry, spelling, and vocabulary. Trains students to use the English language effectively, while promoting standards of correct grammar and usage that equip them to become effective communicators (oral and written). Students learn to develop complete and orderly thoughts and to communicate those thoughts clearly and concisely.

Science Labs

Materials Fee $80.00
College-preparatory laboratory courses allow students to investigate and use reasoning skills as they study various courses (Biology, Chemistry, and Life Sciences). The emphasis throughout is upon solid advances in knowledge rather than theoretical speculation.

Performing Arts

Materials Fee $25.00
This course for grades 6th-8th incorporates music, drama, and stage technique to prepare for performance. Students learn and develop skills in music theory, theater, and stage production.


Materials Fee $45.00
Exploring art forms and techniques is the focus of this art class for 6th-8th. Students participate in various art and craft projects designed to expand student knowledge and to give opportunities for creativity.

Art Studio

Materials Fee $45.00
Art Studio offers high school students comprehensive art experiences with detailed explorations in art forms such as painting, drawing, pen and ink, sculpture, graphic design, and more. While gaining confidence and proficiency working with a variety of mediums, students learn the history, analysis, and interpretation of art. The goal of art education is the development of these areas: art production; art criticism: responding to and making judgments about the properties and qualities that exist in visual forms; art history, becoming knowledgeable about the contributions artists and art make to culture and society; and aesthetics, understanding the nature, meaning, and value of art.

Performance Ensemble

Materials Fee $15.00
This class is for high school students who desire to learn and sharpen skills in musical and dramatic performance. Hands-on and highly interactive, students learn vocal, dramatic, and stage techniques in preparation for performances both at school and in the community. Units of study include: posture, breath support and control; intonation, dynamics, and pitch; phrasing, expression, and diction; aesthetics and music appreciation; ensemble and solo techniques; basics of acting and dramatic interpretation; public performance etiquette; and performance as worship.


Materials Fee $45.00
Learning and practicing skills that every employer seeks is the cornerstone of this class. Human relations skills are used to achieve common goals and to meet deadlines. Students learn marketable skills including computer skills, journalism, photography, bookkeeping, and desktop publishing. Journalistic ethics and standards are covered and students engage in the correct use of the conventions and mechanics of standard written English.


Materials Fee $40.00
This course presents the art of everyday speech in a friendly, conversational style. This immensely interactive class has students participate individually, as partners, and as a group in a variety of performance-based activities. With an abundance of speaking exercises, group projects, and selections for interpretation, students will learn, practice, and perform the following: conversations, introductions, interviews, group discussions, personal testimonies, parliamentary procedure, pantomimes, monologues, poetry interpretations, declamations, speeches, devotions, and more.

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