Frequently Asked Questions

What curriculum does CCCA use?  We use A Beka curriculum in all classes. This is a Bible-based, traditional approach curriculum.

Who is Cross Creek Christian Academy affiliated with?  We are a member of, and held accountable to, the American Association of Christian Schools, the Mississippi Association of Christian Schools, and as a ministry of Cross Creek Church.

What format does CCCA use?  CCCA is a traditional school with teacher-led classrooms.  Our elementary aged students are in a self-contained classroom with one teacher teaching all core subjects.  Our middle and high school students rotate classes with subject specific teachers leading each class. 

What enrichment classes do you offer?  All students 1st grade and higher have computer, music, physical education and art classes each week. Upper grades have a broad range of classes including Spanish, Keyboarding, Geography and more.

What are your school hours?  8:30 am - 3:30 pm. Do you offer before or after school care? Before school care begins at 7 am. After school care begins at 4 pm and ends at 6 pm. All extended care is an additional cost.

Can my preschooler or kindergartener come 2-3 per week vs. 5? A Beka curriculum is an award-winning program which prepares young students for school. Both the preschool and kindergarten academic schedules are carefully planned so that children can achieve reading, writing and mathematics skills at a fun, yet productive, pace. Students are required to attend 5 days per week in order to master the objectives and goals of the curriculum.

What about lunch? All students bring a lunch to school each day Is hot lunch available? We offer a catered hot lunch once per week. Monthly menus with prices will be sent ahead of time.

Do students have a snack time?  All students may bring a snack each day to have at their scheduled mid-morning snack time. Students in after school care may also bring a snack to eat at 4:00 pm.

Does Cross Creek have a dress code?  All students wear uniforms.  All school clothing must be standard uniform materials and styles; however, they do not have to be a particular brand or from a particular store.

What about shoes?  Students are to wear closed-toe shoes with a closed heel. They should be appropriate for outside play and P.E.  Sandals, Crocs, and dress shoes with heels are not appropriate attire for school (see School Dress Code for more information).

What supplies will my child need?  Each student is required to purchase a supply kit from the school which includes all of the supplies needed for the year (except for personal items such as backpacks and lunchboxes). Full-day preschool and kindergarten students will be provided with a nap mat, but each child will need to bring his own blanket and pillow.

What is the tuition, and when is it due?  A tuition fee schedule may be acquired with the school information packet or through the school office. Tuition payments begin in August and may be paid on a 10-month scale (Aug-May) or on a 12-month scale (Aug-Jul).

Is there a book fee?  CCCA utilizes the A-Beka Book Curriculum in all classes.  These curriculum books are used by the students throughout the year and are kept by students because the books are not reusable.  Each student will have a book fee which will be determined by the school office each school year.

What is the age cut-off date at Cross Creek?   All preschool (4 years old), kindergarten (5 years old), and first grade students (6 years old) must have a birthday on or before November 1st (which meets the requirement in the grade-level and age-range being sought).

What extracurricular activities does CCCA have?  We provide students the opportunity to receive private lessons in voice, violin, flute, piano and guitar. We also have instructors from local schools who teach karate at Cross Creek.

What grading scale do you use? CCCA uses the 10-point grading scale, detailed as follows: A/90-100, B/80-89, C/70-79, D/65-60, F/0-64

How can I check my child’s grades? Communication is a key component of a successful relationship between the parent and the teacher.  CCCA utilizes the Gradelink online system to enable parents to communicate with school staff, see individual and averaged grades in each subject, and keep up with attendance and assignments. 

Can I tour the academy?  Private tours are available by appointment.  Please call the school administrator to set up a time that is convenient.

What must I do to enroll my child at CCCA?

  • At least one parent/guardian and the student must attend an interview with the school administrator.
  • An enrollment application must be completed and enrollment fee of $200 paid.
  • An immunization record, copy of student’s birth certificate and social security card and a school medical release form must be submitted.
  • Students entering first grade and higher must submit the most recent report card and achievement test scores.
  • A grade level entrance exam for students entering first grade and higher must be completed with the school administrator.