• Mrs. Nikki Champion
    Pre-School Lead Teacher

    First year at CCCA: 2015

    Hobbies: Puzzles, swimming

    Mrs. Champion has enjoyed watching children grow and learn about God through years of working with preschoolers in Sunday school and children's church. She loves teaching because of the amazing changes that take place in their abilities and seeing God do big things in little lives.

    E-mail: n.champion@myccca.com


  • Mrs. Teresa Lester
    Kindergarten Lead Teacher

    First year at CCCA: 2013    Total years teaching: 18

    Hobbies: Reading and walking

    E-mail: t.lester@myccca.com

  • Mrs. Valerie Stafford
    First Grade Lead Teacher

    First year at CCCA: 2008    Total years teaching: 31

    Hobbies: Swimming and working as an "extra" in movies

    Mrs. Stafford enjoys seeing children being led to Christ.

    E-mail: v.stafford@myccca.com

  • Mrs. Brenda Gedeon
    Second Grade Lead Teacher

    First year at CCCA: 2007    Total years teaching: 32

    Hobbies: Reading, sewing, crocheting

    E-mail: b.gedeon@myccca.com

  • Mrs. Vivian Smith
    Third Grade Lead Teacher

    First year at CCCA: 2011    Total years teaching: 20

    Hobbies: Reading, gardening, playing piano

    E-mail: v.smith@myccca.com

  • Mrs. Lisa Hughes
    Fourth Grade Lead Teacher

    First year at CCCA: 2014    Total years teaching: 16

    Hobbies: Playing French horn, singing, art, rollerblading, baking, cooking, biking, skiing, reading

    E-mail: l.hughes@myccca.com

  • Mrs. Kris Smith
    Fifth Grade Lead Teacher

    First year at CCCA: 2016  

    E-mail: k.smith@myccca.com

  • Mrs. Suzanne Jones
    Sixth Grade Lead Teacher

    First year at CCCA: 2016   

    E-mail: s.jones@myccca.com

  • Mrs. Jean Walding
    Middle and High School Mathematics

  • Mr. Mark Gedeon
    Middle and High School History
    Middle School Bible

    First year at CCCA: 2014    Total years teaching: 8

    Hobbies: Reading, fixing things

    E-mail: m.gedeon@myccca.com

  • Mrs. Brie Lawson
    Middle and High School Science

    First year at CCCA: 2012    Total years teaching: 4

    Hobbies: Being outdoors, crafts, cooking and science fun with her two children

    E-mail: b.lawson@myccca.com

  • Mrs. Dawn Staples
    Middle and High School English

    First year at CCCA: 2013    Total years teaching: 7

    Hobbies: Reading, writing, history, photography, fishing, learning, bargain-hunting, painting and refinishing furniture

    Teacher website: www.educatordstaples.weebly.com

    Mrs. Staples and her husband have been married 20 years. She has 12-year-old twin boys who are very active in sports.

    E-mail: d.staples@myccca.com

  • Mrs. Beth Bryant
    Music and Performing Arts
    Elementary and Middle School Art

    First year at CCCA: 2011    Total years teaching: 7

    Hobbies: Reading (especially Jane Austen), music, creating art, style and beauty, jewelry-making

    Beth is a pastor's wife and mother of Lily (7) and Daisy (2). She enjoys teaching Sunday school and TeamKIDs at Cross Creek Church and loves chocolate, shoes, Louis Armstrong and Starbuck's Coffee.

    E-mail: b.bryant@myccca.com

  • Reverend Paul Bryant
    Pastor, Cross Creek Church

    President, CCCA

     E-mail: bearpb@yahoo.com


  • Mrs. Christy Kerby 

    E-mail: c.kerby@myccca.com


  • Mrs. Marnee Lemmer
    Assistant Administrator

    E-mail: m.lemmer@myccca.com


  • Mrs. Missy Goucher
    Office/Business Manager

    First year at CCCA: 2015

    Mrs. Goucher worked for many years in the banking industry. More recently she has served in churches as a secretary and a financial manager. She has 3 upper grade students at CCCA and a daughter in college.

    E-mail: m.goucher@myccca.com